DIY FIZZY SHERBET {aka edible fairy dust}

I wasn’t really focusing at the time Goose asked if she could make something out of her science experiment book.  She said she could do it herself and she’d checked and we had all of the ingredients.
It may not be the healthiest of foods (!?!) but the kids LOVED it* It tasted just like Wizz Fizz in those little paper bags with the dipping candy and brought me right back to my childhood.

DIY Fizzy Sherbert
based on this source

5 tablespoons of icing sugar
1 teaspoon citric acid
1 teaspoon bicarb soda
1 teaspoon jelly crystals

Mix all ingredients together and eat!
In the end, I only allowed Goose to put a couple of spoonfuls in a shot glass for herself & each of her siblings.  We added a bit of edible glitter and called it fairy dust.  Now the remainder is sitting in a bowl at the back of the bench where no little ones can grab it, and I’m finding myself dipping my finger in every time I go past!   
So as my children lick paddle pop sticks covered in pink fizzy raspberry flavoured sugar, and I feel like a terrible parent, I am still envisioning it packaged in little white paper bags with a paddle pop stick attached with a pink bow and labeled ‘edible fairy dust’ as a party favour!  Can’t be any worse than a lollypop and much more fun!
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*of course they did, it was almost pure sugar! She did use jelly with natural flavour & colour… does that make it better!

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