AT MY HOUSE… {stopping to smell the snails}

At my house I often find myself having tea parties and stopping to look at the small things when I should be doing a whole lot of other much more important things…..

… or should I?

I have a china tea set that was mine when I was a little girl. I have been saving it, still in it’s polystyrene packaging, for my children to be old enough to be extra careful with it. This weekend, while completely overhauling the children’s bedrooms with new bunk beds and the rearranging and finding of homes for a multitude of things, I took these down from the high shelf and as I did so, a plate dropped and smashed. After all these years of keeping it on a high shelf, away from the little ones, it was me, the extra careful adult, who broke it. I think there may just be a simple lesson in that…

I am constantly reminded of the things in my life that I really should be grateful for and to stop worrying about those unimportant things that I convince myself are important.

What lessons are you learning at your house?


We had our gourmet meal of snails on the weekend, using my husbands birthday pressie. I was very surprised that they really weren’t too bad. I had expected them to have a texture similar to oysters (which are not my cup of tea) but they were quite different. My husband loved them, but the six year old not so much.

She was very excited about trying them and I was impressed with her enthusiasm
- he certainly was not getting any enthusiasm from me -

She pondered for a while…
but in the end it was deemed unfit for swallowing, even after 3 attempts (she was determined)

They really were delicious and were cooked in a sizzling butter sauce as follows -

Blend together 100gm of butter at room temperature, 1 teaspoon salt, 1 pinch pepper, finely chopped parsley to taste, 1 clove of garlic, one small shallot chopped very fine, grated nutmeg to taste. You may also add 1 teaspoon of brandy.

Place each snail into shell. Cover with butter mix. Bake in warm oven and serve when butter sizzles.


My lovely husband is having a birthday today. His favourite present of all was this snail set given to him by my mother. It was purchased by her in France about 40 years ago and she has kept the shells, dishes and forks for all that time. She apparently used it for many a dinner party. She actually did a ‘Cordon Bleu’ cooking course sometime in the 70′s – very ‘Julie & Julia‘. She even found a tin of snails (top right of the photo) at the Vic market to add to the present! She was sorting through her things recently and knew exactly who to save it for. She was so excited to give it to him and he is absolutely thrilled It looks like I will most likely have to participate in a few French dinners myself. I am a very firm believer of giving everything a try …… once.

I’m sure these adorable paintings came in a close second to the snails. We started a tradition when our eldest child was just over one, of painting a canvas for the wall every year for Daddy’s birthday. There are too many now, so they are replaced each year by the new ones. Do you have any present traditions at your house?

1. picture of daddy
2. who knows, but she was very very proud!
3. picture of our family


Hi to those of you who have headed over to my blog on Louise‘s suggestion and thank you so much for your encouraging comments. It is so nice to have that feedback in your first week of blogging. I have been enjoying reading some of your blogs also and I look forward to getting to know you all in the blogger world.

I have decided to play along this week with Buttons by Lou Lou’s “at my house”.

At my house today we have been doing a spot of gardening. For the last few days the kids and I have been making the most of Melbourne’s grey and drizzly weather and had at least half an hour a day in the garden. We have planted some new seeds, pruned some roses, staked some capsicums and pulled out some unwanted plants. We now have a pet caterpillar, lots of squished snails around the path and some dirty faces, fingernails and hair. Why does it always have to go in the hair?!

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