- for the fun times had last weekend at ‘cousin camp’. Country mountain air is just so good for the soul. I’ll never be able to shake my country roots. 5 acres, beautiful views, great company… not to mention a huge bonfire, billy carts, a tree swing, deliciously hearty food prepared by others and best of all – plenty of willing & capable babysitters!

- that one of those cousins took some gorgeous photos of my kids with their fancy camera!

- for my Mum & 2 sisters & my gorgeous husband who give up their time & are so invaluable to me in keeping afloat in the overwhelming chaos that I seem to find myself in quite a bit these days. You’ve been particularly helpful in the past week. Thanks!

- that today I have a small chance to breathe & catch up.

- that once again Goose was very understanding when the tooth fairy was her usual ditzy self! She has been a day late a number of times before, but this time she actually got it right, left some coins, left a note in reply to hers, ate the chocolates and sprinkles left behind, but ….. somehow forgot to collect the actual tooth….

- that none of you are going to mind that this blog post is a couple of days late… it’s been a busy week/weekend (as per usual!!) and blogger was down for a couple of days…

I find it healthy to try and find things to be grateful for, a “glass half full”/polyanna look at life. For other ‘grateful’ posts that I’ve written, you can head over here.

…for others ‘grateful’ lists, you can head over here. While there you might like to read her advice on juggling too many motherhood balls, I think I need to read it very carefully...

What are you grateful for?


Hopefully this will become a new Saturday ritual.

This week I am grateful…

- that a real fairy really did visit a certain fairy garden. She had a little dance in the garden, took a tooth from under a pillow, replaced it with some coins.

- for a very understanding, albeit confused, Goose who, discovered that same tooth in another part of the house the following day. One dotty and mixed up tooth fairy that one….. The understanding Goose merely popped it under her pillow again where she knew the tooth fairy would be returning anyway. Apparently, last time the tooth fairy had written a reply to her note, so she was sure the tooth fairy would be returning the next night to deliver the forgotten letter.

Dear Tooth Fairy,
Do you want this pad?
You’re welcome to have it.
You’re the Best!
Love from Goose.
P.S. I Love You!!!

She now tells me she looks just like Nanny McPhee.

- that the father of the house is now officially on holidays for two whole weeks (!!!!!!) and we are off to the beach for one whole week, via Granny’s and the Heathcote Food & Wine Festival. Not sure if I have ever been more grateful for a break in my life…..I think I may have said that last time….

To find some other grateful people, visit Maxabella.

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