The Christmas before last, the kids & I made some Christmas Cocoa in a Jar as gifts.  A little while ago, I came across some more DIY hot cocoa recipes via pinterest.  I thought they might be a fun & simple MOPS activity and a great gift idea as well.

You can find the recipes to make your own mocha, peppermint, mexican or classic cocoa over here.  I halved the recipes to fit in these jars.  Each of these particular cocoa blends are really, really delicious, but the beauty of these is that you can play around with the recipes to make your own perfect blend.  It’s a great activity for the kids to be involved in as well.
When we made our Christmas cocoa mix we filled the jar to the very top, making it tricky to combine the contents in order to make the hot chocolate.  The contents had to be emptied into a bowl, combined and then returned to the jar.  This time, I didn’t fill the jars as high so the ingredients could be combined by simply shaking the jar.

As chocolate is such a big part of the easter tradition that I thought maybe it could be fun to gift some Easter hot chocolate!

We go camping* every Easter holidays with my family.  We’re heading off soon for a few nights away.  The kids are talking about nothing else.

This is the perfect camping drink as it doesn’t require milk.  Cozy cup of hot cocoa by the fire in the evenings.  Can’t wait!

What are you up to this Easter?  Do you have a camping tradition?  What Easter traditions do you & your family have?

* the real deal kind of camping – in the middle of nowhere, no electricity, no running water, no showers and the shovel & toilet roll over your shoulder to find a good tree kind of toilet.

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  1. says

    REAL camping, then! <br /><br />Just in the middle of organising a class 3 mudbrick making weekend. Involving real camping. And mudfights. Cripes. Think we&#39;ll be needing some hot chocolate somewhere in there…

  2. says

    Oh wow Emma, another fab idea, this is such a great gift idea, something original and from the heart too. I think you&#39;ll be loving that Easter concoction around the campfire next weekend xo

  3. says

    that is serious real camping. Enjoy….i think, I&#39;m too much a fan of my own bed for camping.<br />I love these hot chocolate gifts and shall be making this week – thankyou.<br />Dee x

  4. says

    That&#39;s a good easter present and you don&#39;t then feel too tempted to sit there and eat until it&#39;s all gone like you do when you get eggs as a gift, very clever. I hope you had fun camping. x

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