Markets, Blogiversaries & a Giveaway!

Thanks so much for all of your encouraging comments for my first ever real market last Saturday.  I had such a great time!  It was such a buzz that we’ve booked in to do another!  Thanks to all the people who came to say hi!  So awesome to meet some bloggy buddies IRL* as well!
On another note, over the Easter holidays this little blog turned two!  Life has since continued on at it’s usual rapid rate and the blog quietly slid into it’s third year with me barely finding time to scratch together a post, but I really wanted a chance to thank you all so much for making this blogging caper such an invaluable part of my journey.

Fortuitously, post market, I now have a nice little handful of goodies that I’d love to give away to one lovely Frog, Goose & Bear reader as a way of saying thanks!

In this ‘Frog, Goose & Bear Giveaway Pack’ you’ll find……

One rainbow cloud vertical garland**, one mini map bunting, one clay birdie, two fabric covered cards, one origami bunting card and two fabric covered hairties.

Simply comment on this post to go into the draw.***  While you’re there you might like to share what you would like to see in a ‘Frog Goose & Bear’ etsy/madeit store if there was ever to be one.

Entries close next Friday (18 May).  
A winner will be randomly selected sometime next weekend.  

* in real life
** 2m in length (unlike the one pictured).
*** If you don’t have a blog, you can enter too!  Just make sure that your email address is included in your comment so that I can contact you! 

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  1. says

    Ditto to the cloud garland – I love it!!<br />Missed the post about the market..glad it went so well…I wouldn&#39;t have doubted it anyway<br />xx

  2. says

    Hey Emma, so glad the market went well for you and you&#39;ve booked to do it again. They can be such fun and a great way to meet people.<br /><br />I would love to win your giveaway and as for nt etsy shop…….. I love your little clay tags and of course bunting is always adorable…….<br /><br />Enjoy the coming weekend….it&#39;s going to be chilly.<br /><br />Claire :}

  3. says

    Congratulations Emma and it WAS great to meet you!!<br /><br />Actually, since you asked, I think it would be great to see more of the stuff you do for parties. I know that you use a lot of free printables but maybe party favours that you do or bigger bunting that are party-themed. Or something like that…

  4. says

    All those goodies look fantastic, but my daughter would adore the fabric covered hair ties!<br />Thanks for the great giveaway!

  5. says

    Oh Em! I&#39;m so delighted you enjoyed your first official market. Bravo, my friend! And congrats on the 2nd blogoversary as well. It&#39;s all happening over at yours ☺. You know I want you to open an Etsy shop. It will be fabulous. Hmm, the cloud garland is my fave. Clever you! J x

  6. says

    Congratulations on your market being such a success and a fun time. And congratulations on your blog anniversary I would love to win some of your handmade goodies:) Thank you for the giveaway.

  7. says

    Happy 2 year blogaversary!<br />And mega yay your market was fun and a success. <br />I love those rainbow garlands, I might try to make some with a flower paper punch I have, are they sewn together on the sewing machine? They would look great at Abbey&#39;s birthday party next week.

  8. says

    Goodness Emma, happy two&#39;th birthday!! That is so fantastic &amp; i&#39;ve thoroughly enjoyed watching your children grow (Goose is 8, how??) &amp; your incredible craft with generous DIY tutorials. You are certainly a special member of this blogging world. I still miss your sister&#39;s blog, tell her that!! Congratulations on your sweet market too, looks LOVELY!! Love Posie

  9. says

    I&#39;m in love with the clay birdie. I know friends I would buy this for.<br /><br />You are so clever. Everything is amazing.<br /><br />marypres(AT)gmail(DOT)com

  10. says

    Congratulations on the &#39;blogiversary&#39;. I like your clay gift tags and button hair ties for your future etsy/Madeit store. Oh, and the origami bunting cards, they&#39;re cute, too.

  11. says

    Hooray for a successful first market day! It must have been good to be booked in for more, that&#39;s awesome Emma.<br />What a beautiful giveaway, so generous! <br />And Happy Blogoversary too! xo

  12. says

    ohh well done on your first market! i remember mine and it was a whirlwind of fun and excitement! Adorable looking giveaway pack too! how did i miss this post? never mind…i&#39;m here now!

  13. says

    I agree with Sonia -you could sell party packs! I love your party ideas (and have borrowed a few for my own kids) but don&#39;t take enough time to put it all together like you do. <br />I have loved reading your blog – I am still using things from your handmade gifts for girls series (made winter skirts recently…) so thanks so much for that! <br />Keep at it, if you have the time – there

  14. says

    I&#39;m so pleased it went so well. Just like your backyard market only bigger? <br /><br />I&#39;m in the draw! I adore your goodies (you should hear the compliments I get when I wear my FGB necklace!). x

  15. says

    Congrats on your first little market stall, a very exciting moment – so long as it went better than mine did (I sold two cards :( ) and happy blogoversary as well!

  16. says

    Happy blogoversary! I LOVE the idea of a FGB Etsy shop – that&#39;s the best news I&#39;ve had all week. I think you should sell that book you&#39;re going to write about parties and craft for kids in it… as well as that fab map bunting and the gorgeous clay tags!<br />Thanks for being such an inspiration x

  17. says

    happy blogaversary and so good to see you at the market!<br />kicking myself for not buying one of those hunted animal magnets!<br />here&#39;s to many more bloggy bdays ♥

  18. says

    Congratulations on your first &#39;real&#39; market! I would love to win your package – it looks gorgeous! And I&#39;d love to see clay tags and rainbow clouds in your etsy shop.<br />Cate

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