Although we made these apple print shopping bags at MOPS, it’d be a great craft for kids to do.  Fruit can make some great patterns.  I purchased the bags here for only $1.50 each.  We chopped an apple in half, painted each half with fabric paint and stamped them onto the fabric.  After the paint dried we ironed the fabric as per paint instructions.  I remember doing the same thing onto wrapping paper when I was a kid.  I also think apple stamping would look great on tea towels and would make a great gift.

Have you ever done any fruit stamping?  What did you stamp?

Try the FGB kids craft page for more kids craft ideas.

The inspiration for these bags came from here, thanks to pinterest.

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    Looks a fun activity to do and would make a great gift at Christmas or even for a birthday party. I haven't done any fruit printing before but I like the effect of celery printing I've seen, it looks like a flower.

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    Oh totally delightful Emma, I love this one! What a fab economical bag too. The last time I did any fruit/vegie stamping was when I was in school… but once again you've inspired me and given me a great idea for our next craft session. Thank you! xo

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