Rainbow Celebrations Continued …

Sorry folks to leave you in suspense once again!  Although I have high hopes for this blog, lots of ideas,fun crafts and parties to share, I sometimes just find it hard to find the time! Just as I got some more time on my ownwith kids at school and kinder, and I finally get back into blogging … school holidays arrive!  Being a perfectionist by nature I do find it hard to just let this blog sit dormant sometimes when I have so many ideas floating around in my head.  I sometimes wonder whether I need an editor for my own blog to give me a deadline for the next post for the extra motivation, or perhaps I need to give myself the deadline, or perhaps I just don’t need the added stress and this blog will just be what it is for now – sharing the fun things when I get the time – and it will continue to evolved and expand as it has over the last 3 years.

In my last post I shared with you the Rainbow Crafternoon that we had to celebrate Goose’s 9th birthday back in January.  After the Rainbow Crafternoon the celebrations continued when Goose’s 6 aunts and uncles, 2 siblings and 3 young cousins joined us for a BBQ dinner, party games (so the cousins and siblings didn’t think they’d missed out on the “party”) and rainbow desserts.

 Goose’s main stipulation for this party was the rainbow cake.  “I don’t care what we do Mum, but we have to have that cake!”  She loved the idea of having a surprise under a boring looking cake on the outside.  She allowed me to put the rainbow bunting on the top under duress as she wanted to maintain the secret beneath the cake for as long as possible.  

That first slice…

Thanks so much for all of your tips which made this cake so much less intimidating!
Rainbow jelly cups were a big hit!
Along with the rainbow fruit platter
that we served in spotted rainbow cupcake pans with mini wooden forks.

 A bit of everything for Bear!

The always colourful Super Granny.

Rainbow stools borrowed from a friend.

Frog with her beloved Aunty Clare and the stunning views from our new house!

Lemon cordial in stripy rainbow cups that Goose and Frog designed & decorated.

Party games of ‘Pin the cloud on the rainbow’ and ‘Pass the Parcel’.
Our favourite way of doing pass the parcel.  No music.
An activity written on each layer.  For eg…
… to the person wearing the most colours of the rainbow
… to the person who can stand on one leg for the longest
… to the person with the most letters in their name
… to the person who can do the best impersonation of a dog
or, in the case of the photo below,
… to the person who can make the funniest face. 
The person with the parcel at the time is the judge of that round. 

Rainbow tissue garland that Goose made covered the length of the balcony!

When most of the aunts and uncles and cousins went home, the girls
set up their beds in the big empty lounge room, painted their nails in rainbow colours 
and watched the movie of “Ramona & Beezus” with snacks and then eventually sometime in the wee hours they went to sleep… and I crashed and burned!

Granny, Aunty Clare & Uncle Mika stayed the night too as they are beloved out-of-towners and helped with the pancake & fruit breakfast in the morning.  We sent the party guests home with the crafts they’d made from the crafternoon along with some rainbow lifesavers and a gorgeous little Re-Sew-Cool flower brooch making kit from Sister Outlaws

Thanks Julianne!  We ran out of time to make the badges as a party activity, but Goose has made hers (with no help from me, it’s that user friendly!) and loves it!  Re-Sew-Cool sell gorgeous little craft party kits from recycled materials that are perfect for craft parties and all of their craft packs make great gifts for girls of any age.

For more Frog Goose and Bear Parties head to this page!

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    Now I feel bad I didn't do a party for Shorty this year. We were feverish with parties for the older ones when they were little but have run out of steam a bit of late. The blogging gets hard when you go back to work I found and I miss it. Good to read you again!

  2. says

    Wow what a cool party. I love how Goose wanted to make the inside a big surprise, it looks sooo good Emma. What a lucky girl to have such a crafty Mum like you. x

  3. says

    WOW! look how the colours turned out on your rainbow cake!<br />I just made this cake for Scrag&#39;s carnival party (not so plain on the outside tho; he wasn&#39;t really convinced there would be a rainbow on the inside…) I used gel colours, but probably not ENOUGH, I&#39;m thinking.<br />Such a lovely party, Emma<br />x

  4. says

    Oh how I have missed your gorgeous posts Emma, so sorry I haven&#39;t been here for a while… but like yourself, find it so hard to find the time at the moment.<br />This rainbow party is fantabulous! I LOVE the photos, all so lovely. The cake and fruit platter are exceptional… and what a great idea with the spotty cupcake pans. Well done on yet another brilliant party xo


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