A nautical theme …

My niece turned two last week and my sister-in-law put on a gorgeous little party for her with a nautical touch.  I just had to share some pics …
What is your favourite thing about kids parties?  
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    Looks so good I&#39;d like to use the same theme…but I don&#39;t think I could get away with it! The cutlery looks great but what was it used for? Also love the sea shell chocolates on the raw sugar and the &quot;paper weight&quot; anchor cookie cutter anchor. Were there any cookies?<br />

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    I like that you can do things at a kids party that you can&#39;t do at an adults party even though adults might like it immensely. That&#39;s why I&#39;d absolutely love to be the guest at a Heston&#39;s Feast. Bring out the kid in me!

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