The beginnings of a Fancy Nancy Soiree

This coming weekend, we are celebrating Frog’s fifth birthday with a Fancy Nancy Soiree.  For those of you who have not heard of Fancy Nancy, she is the star character in a series of gorgeous children’s books who loves using fancy words and goes over the top in decorating everything she can get her hands on. 

The books are Frogs absolute favourites and those that know her will know that the theme suits her down to the ground!  Not that I had a choice – I get little say in the matter of the party themes of my children.

In little snippets of time over the past few weeks…

 we’ve been putting invitations* in envelopes 

and writing on the envelopes all by ourselves.  

We’ve been practising sipping tea with our pinkies out

and we’ve painted the tiara for the ‘pin the jewel on the tiara’ game.**

We’ve made lots and lots of tissue poms.


We’ve made pens with a plume 
(Fancy Nancy only ever writes with a “pen with a plume”)

and fancy notepads for party favours.

 We’ve been finding pink and flourishing bargains at the op shop

and posing in fancy dress ups to get ready to celebrate this gorgeous and flambouyant Fancy Frog turning five years old in style!

Stay tuned for party pics in the coming weeks, but in the meantime, you might like to click on the cake below to have a peek at Frog’s previous birthday celebrations.
Do you have a “Fancy Nancy” at your house?  Have you read the books?

*Printable invites purchased here on etsy.
** Lizzie Hall you are the best 12 year old artist ever – thank you for drawing this gorgeous Tiara!  She’ll take commissions folks, so if you need some artwork done for your next party – let me know!
*** Thanks to Kirra and Delise for helping me with the pens and the poms – loved chatting and crafting. xo

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  1. says

    Looking amazing yet again Em! Matilda and I only started going through the cake books yesterday for her December birthday and she's quite smitten with the ladybird, so we are going with the whole garden themed situation! At least the cake's easy to make!

  2. says

    Your five year old is every bit the fancy nancy … simply gorgeous. On quite a different note, we have a beautiful Brahman heifer here who will be in the show-team next year, whose name just happens to be Fancy Nancy. Wishing you all a wonderful soiree.

  3. says

    Wow, that is one talented 12yo! I was one of those who didn't know of Fancy Nancy, my students must not be quite fancy as none of my girls (and I have 11 of them in the class) have ever talked about her to me. It's looking like the party is coming together well, hopefully it all goes well tomorrow for you. And, how totally fancy does Miss Frog look in that last photo? Gorgeous!

  4. says

    My Sophia brought Fancy Nancy home from the school library just last week. It's wonderful! With another 5 year old next year I'm sure I'll be back. And Miss Frog looks fab in those glasses!

  5. says

    Why have I not met Nancy.? Luckily I still have a four year old to enjoy them with which means I'll be following the five celebrations very carefully!

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