A Possum Magic Birthday Party

possum magic book

Last month, deep in the Australian Bush, we had a little Possum Magic themed birthday party! Every Easter we go camping with my two sisters, their partners and children and my Mum.  We go to the same camping spot every year.  No amenities and no one else for miles (apart from the affectionately known “bogans” that set up camp with their loud music,  generator, dirt bikes and dogs every year about 1 km down the road and who get kicked out by the rangers every year).  You can see pics of previous Easter camping creativity here.

australian bush

While we were camping my niece, nephew and husband all celebrated a birthday, so inspired by our location as well as Jackie from My Little Bookcase (thanks Jackie!!!), I organised a little joint birthday party based on a favourite Australian children’s book Possum Magic by Mem Fox.  My family all rolled their eyes of course, knowing that I just couldn’t help myself where birthdays were involved.

We read the book and played pass the parcel with questions from the book.

reading possum magic
possum magic party
pass the parcel
pass parcelpass the parcel
pass the parcel
A chocolate koala for the winner!
We went hunting for minties in the bush …
… and had a competition (with filthy ‘camping fingernails’) to see who could tear the longest wrapper.
mintie wrapper
We ate pumpkin scones and vegemite sandwiches as a pre-dinner snack.
We ate a dinner of Steak and Salad from Sydney and Mornay from Melbourne.

dinner prep

After dinner was finished darkness had fallen and we ate a dessert of mini pavlovas, lamingtons and pumpkin scones.  A candle in each.  One for each of the birthday peeps.  If you know the book, you’ll know the significance of these particular Aussie foods.
At our birthday parties when my sisters and I were children, we would decorate brown paper bags every year in a very simple way and write the party guests name on them.  We would hang the paper bags on the back of the guests chairs and throughout the party they would collect lollies and prizes from the games and by the end of the party would have a full goodie bag to take home.
We did the same for this party but added a few goodies as well: some Australian animal activity sheets, a balloon, bubbles, Australian animal shaped cookies and a gumleaf bookmark with their name on it.  To make the gumleaf bookmark I wrote the children’s names on the gumleaves with permanent marker and then laminated them.
Possum Magic
Have you had a party themed on a book?  Have you had a party in the bush?
You can see the camping party I did for my husband when his birthday fell on Easter a few years ago – here.

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I know, I know, I just can’t help myself…

but it was Mr FGB’s birthday and we were camping…

Party bags contained:

- box of sultanas
- muesli bar
- marshmallows on a bamboo skewer
- words to a few ‘campfire songs’
- camping coloring page
- camping themed activity sheet
- small box of crayons
- coloured bandaid

Fire on top of chocolate mudcake made from mini chocolate flake bars & cellophane.

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