A recycled paper Easter nest { guest post }

Today’s guest post is from one of my very favourite bloggers, Steph from this Brown Wren.  Steph and I have been blogging buddies for years now and I have always adore the gentle approach to life that she has and her creativity is something that just flows from all that she does.  Steph takes the most beautiful photos as you can see below along with a beautiful Easter nest tutorial which she has made with her two adorable children from recycled newspaper that she has made especially for us.  

I remember placing the basket at the end of my bed and carefully creeping under the covers so as not to disturb it. Usually home for dinner rolls when my parents entertained friends it now, filled with shredded paper, waited patiently for the Easter Bunny’s foil encrusted bounty.  It was always a rather meagre offering compared to some of today’s standards but for my brother and I, it was plenty.  I can vividly recall that first cloyingly sweet mouthful of chocolate while I swept bed hair out of my face and sleep out of my eyes.

This year we’re hunting out fair trade chocolates to extend the spirit of Easter beyond our home.  We have created little paper nests from old newspapers and our babies will wake to a few small chocolates and something Mumma made…perhaps a little knitted bunny each. We will gift the littles in our extended family with small homemade chocolates and biscuits while the adults will receive a virtual chicken. A gift pledged to those in need to encourage hope, growth and new life; the true essence of this time.

A modest affair steeped in simplicity and resonating with our love of this earth and our fellow man.

Steph x
We used the local paper cut into small squares to make two small and one larger nest. The paper was soaked in boiling water for about ten minutes and then handfuls were blitzed in the blender with extra water. The pulp was pressed into a sieve to remove a lot of the water and when it was not too wet, not too dry, it was pushed into an oiled bowl. We took care to press everything together well to avoid cracks.  A few days drying and the nests were gently eased from their vessels. Some earthy paint and last year’s blown eggs and an Easter spirit is starting to glow in our home. 

Thanks so much Steph for this beautiful post.  How adorable is that little tongue of concentration.  What a beautiful idea to purchase a virtual chicken as an Easter gift.  

As a little side, Steph has just this week opened a little online store selling beautiful handmade sleepwear for children from vintage fabrics.  You’ll love it!

This craft is part of an Easter series here on Frog Goose and Bear and in this last week before Easter we have been sharing an Easter themed craft or activity every day, so if you’d like to see the rest of the posts in this series, just click here …

How to make an Easter bunny gift bag {guest post}

Today’s guest post is from the ever so lovely Jacqueline from Zippy Zippy.  Ironically, one of my very first posts was an Easter related post and Jacqueline was the very first person, apart from my mother and my sister, to comment and start following my blog!  I’ll always hold a special spot for her because of that. xo  Jacqueline lives in country Victoria with her husband and three gorgeous boys and they have the most amaaaaazing veggie garden that I have always been envious of and if you’re after handmade fabric bunting – head over to Jacqueline’s made-it store right now!  Jacqueline is sharing with us how to make one of the most adorable little Easter gift bags I have ever seen that looks easy enough even for someone of my meagre sewing skills!  Thanks Jacqueline!

How to make an Easter bunny gift bag

I found a tutorial on how to make
and had the urge to make one.
I printed off the template, and as I was cutting it out,
thought I might try making it out of brown paper
rather than the denim I had in mind.
So here is my paper version.
(The original in the above link on Merrilee’s Blog is made of felt)
Trace the template onto a double thickness of brown paper,
but do not cut it out.

Sew along the traced line, stitching both pieces of paper together, 
but do not sew between the ears,
this is where you will put the goodies in.
Trim around the edge of the stitching – about 1/4 inch.

You can see from this pic,
you could also just use a paper bag and cut out the ears at the top.

Add some fabric onto the ears,
I used heat ‘n’ bond to adhere the fabric to the paper,
or you could use pretty paper or washi tape
Find some treasure to put inside,
pop them in through the opening between the ears.

Flex the ears, so the curve towards the front,
gather up the paper and tie with some pretty twine.

This project was easy and nice and quick,
the gift bag would also look great
made from coloured paper or baking paper.
Have a great Easter

This post is part of the Frog Goose and Bear Easter craft series.  If you’d like to submit an Easter craft, recipe or activity to share here on Frog Goose and Bear, please email me!  To see the other posts in this series, click here.

A Recycled Easter Craft

When I was growing up every Easter eve, my cousins, sisters and I would make easter baskets with whatever bits & pieces were at hand.  The next morning we would wake to discover that Easter Bunny had hidden them and we needed to find the chocolate filled baskets.

Every Tuesday morning Frog, Bear & I head along to playgroup.  I like to pretend that I go so that the kids can play with other kids, but in reality, they do that often, at many other places.  I really go for me.  I go to hang out with a fantastic small group of down to earth & supportive women who really have become such wonderful friends.  

Last week at playgroup we made easter baskets using old soft drink bottles and had a lovely egg hunt around the gardens of the playgroup.

To make your own recycled easter baskets, you’ll need an empty 1.25litre plastic soft drink* bottle.
Using a stanley knife** or a pair of kitchen scissors, cut off the bottom of the plastic bottle.  Then, to make the handle, cut another strip, approx 1.5 inches wide from the bottom of the remaining top half of the bottle.  Attach this strip to the bottom of the bottle to make a basket.  You can use a stapler here or punch a hole into both the handle and the basket and join them with ribbon or string. Decorate to your hearts desire. Yes, I decorated one too, I just couldn’t help myself!  I had to make a sample after all.

We’ll be keeping our baskets and leaving them out on Easter Eve in the hope that Easter Bunny might find them.  What Easter traditions did you have when you were growing up that you have revived with your own children?

* That’s soda for my friends in the US.  However, this would work with milk cartons or juice bottles also.
** & that’s a box cutter for my US friends.   ;)

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