A Fancy Nancy Birthday Soiree

Apologies for the suspense folks, but here are the long awaited pics from Frog’s fifth birthday celebrations.  
Just a little warning – there are quite a lot!


fruit wands – watermelon stars, grapes & blueberries
pink meringues with silver cachous
crown shaped fairy bread
edible tea cups
white chocolate grissini wands with silver cachous
oreo pops dipped in white choc with silver cachous
strawberry cups (chopped strawberries in cupcake cases)
apricot & coconut balls
ham sandwich pinwheels with toothpicks
sausage rolls
mini quiches




Ooh la la Nail Salon
finger nail painting
foot spa (bucket with marbles & warm bubbly water)
toe nail painting

Ooh la la Hair Salon
hair chalk
hair & face glitter
mini plaits with beads

basket full of fun & fancy clothes and accessories
fancy frame for pics
large mirror

make your own handbag
decorate paper plate handbags with ribbons, lace, buttons, stickers & watercolours

pin the jewel on the tiara

decorate your own cupcake

pass the parcel

Wrapping paper decorated by the birthday girl.

Some crazy woman put sequins in between each layer to bling it up a bit as well as an el cheapo plastic necklace and ring.  The two year old niece adored it!

Party Favours

The fancy little ladies each took home a homemade ‘pen-with-a-plume’ (as Fancy Nancy only ever writes with ‘pen-with-a-plume’) along with a fancy notepad and some edible candy jewelry (not pictured).  All of which they popped in their fancy new paper plate handbags.  

This is what it looked like after they’d all gone home…. 
and let’s be honest – it looked like that for days afterward…

You can see pics from more FGB birthday parties over here….

Tell me – have you heard of Fancy Nancy?  
How do you feel at the end of a party?  
Utter relief that it is over?  Or itching for the next one, like me?

*An enormous thank you to all of the Mums and family who just got in there and enthusiastically helped out on the day.  As always, I couldn’t have done it without you!  An extra special thanks must go to my beautiful cousin-in-law Kirra who so generously took most of these wonderful photos.  Thank you.  xo

The beginnings of a Fancy Nancy Soiree

This coming weekend, we are celebrating Frog’s fifth birthday with a Fancy Nancy Soiree.  For those of you who have not heard of Fancy Nancy, she is the star character in a series of gorgeous children’s books who loves using fancy words and goes over the top in decorating everything she can get her hands on. 

The books are Frogs absolute favourites and those that know her will know that the theme suits her down to the ground!  Not that I had a choice – I get little say in the matter of the party themes of my children.

In little snippets of time over the past few weeks…

 we’ve been putting invitations* in envelopes 

and writing on the envelopes all by ourselves.  

We’ve been practising sipping tea with our pinkies out

and we’ve painted the tiara for the ‘pin the jewel on the tiara’ game.**

We’ve made lots and lots of tissue poms.


We’ve made pens with a plume 
(Fancy Nancy only ever writes with a “pen with a plume”)

and fancy notepads for party favours.

 We’ve been finding pink and flourishing bargains at the op shop

and posing in fancy dress ups to get ready to celebrate this gorgeous and flambouyant Fancy Frog turning five years old in style!

Stay tuned for party pics in the coming weeks, but in the meantime, you might like to click on the cake below to have a peek at Frog’s previous birthday celebrations.
Do you have a “Fancy Nancy” at your house?  Have you read the books?

*Printable invites purchased here on etsy.
** Lizzie Hall you are the best 12 year old artist ever – thank you for drawing this gorgeous Tiara!  She’ll take commissions folks, so if you need some artwork done for your next party – let me know!
*** Thanks to Kirra and Delise for helping me with the pens and the poms – loved chatting and crafting. xo

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