Ebony’s Farm Party

Early last month, I did my first ever party planning gig for a friend’s gorgeous 3 year old daughter.  Thoroughly exhausting, but I absolutely loved it and was thrilled with how it all worked out!  The party was held in the ‘party barn’ at Coopers Settlement Children’s Farm.  The perfect setting for a farm party!

Prepare for photo overload…

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- A huge thank you to the highly talented Cathie for making the cupcakes and the deliciously bright pink birthday cake!! If you’d like to make your own cupcakes just like these ones, Cathie has written a very easy to follow tutorial here

- Thanks also to the wonderful Maxabella for the pigs-in-mud, marshmallow eggs & toffee apples, ideas & tips – they were all huge hits!  

- Thanks so much to Holleigh for giving me the chance to let my creative juices flow and for your amazing generosity & encouragement throughout.  I honestly loved it - even if I fell down in a heap at the end!  Your friendship is one that I treasure.  

- Cow hats – available here.
- Cowboy/Cowgirl cookie printable labels can be found here & the delicious Aust. cookie recipe (with more super cool labels) can be found here.
- Eggs in nest recipe can be found here.
- Yes, the rest of the party may just be available in some form sometime soon in an FBG party pack in the not tooooo distant future.  I just need to find some time somewhere… along with time to start that etsy store… soon might just be a relative word…


On Saturday our little Bear turned 3 years old. Although he is now adamant that he does not want to be 3 and still wants to be 2 thank you very much!

The party went fantastically well.
Here are a few (well, more than a few) photos of the day….
Please excuse while I completely over indulge…..

Some food pics….
Flowers (which I think are canola?) were sneakily picked growing along the side of the road!

The cake…

The decorations…

The fun extras…

The entertainment…
My Dad (whose own farm started Bear’s love of all things farm) organised an amazingly generous gift of a real live animal farm in our front yard! I’m not normally someone who likes to pay people for children’s entertainment – in fact I’m a little against it, but, why look a gift horse in the mouth (excuse the pun!) when the kids will absolutely love it!! It just made the party!

It also meant that apart from a little game of pin the tail on the cow, the application of some ‘farm animal’ tattoos and the blowing of some bubbles, I didn’t have to organise any other activities!

Huge thanks to my talented sister Clare for creating the cow and applying lots of tattoos (among many other things on the day!)

To top it all off, there was even a very special Daddy & daughter fiddle duet!
A new song her violin teacher had taught her just 3 days prior had quite the ‘hoedown’ feel, so Goose & her Dad gave us all a fantastic little toe-tapping concert, along with a solo of ‘Happy Birthday’.  Brought tears to her proud Dad’s eyes :)

Most important thing of all was that the little (now “big”) birthday boy had fun!

And of course, for this ‘party Mum’, so did I!

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P.S. For those who are interested, the cake inspiration came from here…
P.P.S. For more farm party prep. ideas see here.

MY CREATIVE SPACE – {more farm party prep}

One of my favourite ways to express my creativity is in the form of a party. Kids parties even more so!

Yesterday the almost birthday boy and I made some cute little shortbreads using some cookie cutters we nabbed from the playdough box. (Yes, I washed them first).

I love using this recipe for shaped biscuits because it always keeps it shape perfectly after cooking. Very yummy when iced also.

Adapted from my well-loved 1975 ‘Nursing Mother’s Cookbook’


375g plain flour
60g cornflour or rice flour
250g butter
125g castor sugar
1/2 tspn salt

Rub butter into flour. Add all other ingredients. Knead for 5 minutes. A full 5 minutes people – this is the KEY! It will look all dry when you first put ingredients together, but after kneading it is beautiful and soft and ready to roll.
Roll onto lightly floured surface and cut into shapes. Put on baking paper on tray. Bake for about 30 mins at 180C, reducing to 150C after 5 mins.

I had been very excited to find some straw cowboy hats for $2 each that would have been the perfect take home pressie (along with a bag of ‘chicken feet’ lollies that I found on line). Unfortunately after being on order for 3 weeks, the hats did not come in. :(

The chicken feet came though! You can get some here.

As replacement party hats
(which to be honest, lots of kids don’t wear anyway!)
I whipped up some of these cows last night.

To make your own go here.

For more creative spaces go here.

Come back on Monday for some farm party pics!

…and on Tuesday for an easy peasy dinner winner from my trusty NMAA cookbook!

MY CREATIVE SPACE – {a farm party evolves}

My ‘crafting’ opportunities used to be few & far between, but now I am scheduling them in!
This week, all crafting has been geared toward a little farm party soiree which is looming. That way, all of those unnecessary (but oh so fun) touches to the party can actually be achieved!

At my monthly craft night earlier this week I decorated some water bottles. This is an idea that I got online that I love as the hope is that it encourages a more healthy party beverage option. I’ve found it actually works too!
(Mind you, I also couldn’t resist the little UHT chocolate milks with a cute picture of a cow on it found at the local supermarket.)

I searched and searched for some gorgeous party printables (I do so love those!) but couldn’t find any that fitted exactly what I was after, so in the end I found some gingham printable paper & using my 2 inch circle cutter (ebay purchase from the US) cut out some images from my favorite little golden book.

To lessen wastage, I like to name the water bottles. So, heading off to my favorite site for free fonts (you’ve got to check it out!) I found one I liked from their multitude of ‘western’ fonts.
I’ll also use the font on the party favours – stay tuned for some pictures when complete – I’m pretty excited about them!

Every Friday I am lucky enough to attend a craft group run at my mother-in-laws church. She helps run the creche, so the kiddies hang out with her while I get a couple of hours of kid free craft time with a lovely group of ladies. Last week, I attempted to make some of those tissue paper pom poms. Quite frankly though, they were absolute disasters (I swear I remember making them in primary school!) and I think we’ll just have to forgo that one……
They really are easy, so I’m not sure what went wrong….
If you’d like to give them a go there is a really very easy tutorial here.

For more farm party posts stay tuned! There is a LOT more to come from this party obsessed Mum!
For more creative spaces head over to Kirsty’s.

P.S. If you are thinking of doing your own farm party – I have actually just today discovered these gorgeous printables that would have been perfect! I am quite proud that I had a go myself though….

P.P.S. There is still time to link in with the inaugural linky for my regular easy peasy dinner winners!

MY CREATIVE SPACE – {a vintage farm party}

The farm party, for a soon to be 3 year old, is starting to take shape…..

The invitations are all ready to be given out.

“A Day on the Farm” is a regular read at bedtime at our house.
A classic 1960 golden book from my childhood stash.
I was a little excited when I found all the pages already online at this great little site.
Using just a few of the pages, I changed one or two words here & there to include the birthday boys name & the details of the party and made a very basic little story book invitation.
I’m quite excited by how they turned out.

To help set the mood, last week the kids and I whipped up a scarecrow – I kid you not (or maybe it is obvious!) – in about 20 minutes. Couldn’t believe my luck when we just found the pieces lying around.


The body – an old bassinet mattress that had seen better days, an old shirt of the husbands, a small scrap of red gingham fabric & some straw (stolen from some unsuspecting chickens).

The head – an old cushion insert & some white cotton fabric bunched up at the back with a rubber band, a hat from the dress up box & some great texta work from the six year old.

All secured onto a bamboo stake (that was already in the garden holding up a dying capsicum plant) & a long stick (found in the back yard) which was unceremoniously rammed through the fabric on the very, very old (my husband slept on it as a baby) mattress.

My very clever Mum made this bunting for me using four gingham fabrics. I used it on market day & it now hangs up in his room. It goes perfectly with the farm theme in my humble opinion. Thanks Mum!

Stay tuned for more ‘farm party’ ideas here in the coming weeks.

Head over to Kirsty’s blog for a creative fix every Thursday.

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