A DIY DRESS-UP PARTY – {the actual dressing up}

And finally those promised photos….

This post may just end up in complete disownership of me from certain members of my family*

What can I say… it was a fun day and our dress up collection is full of hilarious outfits!

In my defense, and in the line of fairness, I have also included a shocker photo of myself.

And you are a brave, beautiful family for getting in on all the fun!

* If you are a member of my family reading this post and are mortified that these images are now on the www, please let me know (if you are still speaking to me) and I promise you that I will remove them quick as a flash!

A DIY DRESS-UP PARTY – {setting the scene}

Finally getting around to sharing some more photos of last week’s dress-up party for Frog’s 2nd birthday!

I pooled my Mum’s, my sister’s and our own dress-up collection and set it up to look like we were in a dressing room backstage at the theatre, complete with a little dressing room behind a few sheets pegged to the rafters as well as a large mirror surrounded by fairy lights.

I covered a couple of old wardrobe doors that were lying around in the shed with some cheap red fabric and added some glittery stars and we had our own photo booth to showcase our creative outfits.

We have a rather large shed in our backyard and we generally have our parties in there. A major benefit of this party location is that at the end of the day I literally slide closed the doors and leave it for another day to pack up! A week later the dress-ups and decorations are all still there, mostly shrewn across the floor.

My husband hosts a poker night once a month in our shed. As it often takes me weeks….ok months… to finally pull everything down, they’ve had underwater poker, princess poker, farm poker on haybales and we did actually set up the shed like a 1930′s poker den for my husband’s birthday last year. I can only imagine what I might find next poker night if I dare to venture into the shed … with all of those dress-ups still lying around… and after a beer or two…

A DIY DRESS-UP PARTY – {the food}

We had lots of fun yesterday at Frog’s Dress-Up Party.
I thought I’d share this one by breaking it up into a few posts along with some Iinks if you are interested in having your own dress-up or movie/theatre party. The whole thing was very inexpensive and lots of fun. This post is all about the food.

With lots of dress-ups hanging everywhere it looked like a dressing room backstage at the theatre, so the food was along that theme also.

You can buy some of these gorgeous vintage popcorn bags here.

The glitter star wands were made using this shortbread recipe, some bamboo skewers, cachous, edible glitter and creative children.

You can find out how to make these fun popcorn cupcakes here.

For these perfectly themed movie party printables
(water bottles and much more) head over here.

A cheat’s cake using one Barbie, a 4 litre bucket of icecream, some maltesers and some sparkling, glittery fabric and ribbon. Served with mini icecream cones. The icecream cake meant I did not make choc-tops which would have been perfect Aussie movie/theatre food!

Take home malteser bags.
This idea and other great movie party ideas (along with free printables) here.
Jaffas would have been perfect here also.

Star sandwiches and star cheeses.

Stay tuned for some very funny dress-up photos of the stars of the show,
adults and children alike…

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