Rainbow Celebrations Continued …

Sorry folks to leave you in suspense once again!  Although I have high hopes for this blog, lots of ideas,fun crafts and parties to share, I sometimes just find it hard to find the time! Just as I got some more time on my ownwith kids at school and kinder, and I finally get back into blogging … school holidays arrive!  Being a perfectionist by nature I do find it hard to just let this blog sit dormant sometimes when I have so many ideas floating around in my head.  I sometimes wonder whether I need an editor for my own blog to give me a deadline for the next post for the extra motivation, or perhaps I need to give myself the deadline, or perhaps I just don’t need the added stress and this blog will just be what it is for now – sharing the fun things when I get the time – and it will continue to evolved and expand as it has over the last 3 years.

In my last post I shared with you the Rainbow Crafternoon that we had to celebrate Goose’s 9th birthday back in January.  After the Rainbow Crafternoon the celebrations continued when Goose’s 6 aunts and uncles, 2 siblings and 3 young cousins joined us for a BBQ dinner, party games (so the cousins and siblings didn’t think they’d missed out on the “party”) and rainbow desserts.

 Goose’s main stipulation for this party was the rainbow cake.  “I don’t care what we do Mum, but we have to have that cake!”  She loved the idea of having a surprise under a boring looking cake on the outside.  She allowed me to put the rainbow bunting on the top under duress as she wanted to maintain the secret beneath the cake for as long as possible.  

That first slice…

Thanks so much for all of your tips which made this cake so much less intimidating!
Rainbow jelly cups were a big hit!
Along with the rainbow fruit platter
that we served in spotted rainbow cupcake pans with mini wooden forks.

 A bit of everything for Bear!

The always colourful Super Granny.

Rainbow stools borrowed from a friend.

Frog with her beloved Aunty Clare and the stunning views from our new house!

Lemon cordial in stripy rainbow cups that Goose and Frog designed & decorated.

Party games of ‘Pin the cloud on the rainbow’ and ‘Pass the Parcel’.
Our favourite way of doing pass the parcel.  No music.
An activity written on each layer.  For eg…
… to the person wearing the most colours of the rainbow
… to the person who can stand on one leg for the longest
… to the person with the most letters in their name
… to the person who can do the best impersonation of a dog
or, in the case of the photo below,
… to the person who can make the funniest face. 
The person with the parcel at the time is the judge of that round. 

Rainbow tissue garland that Goose made covered the length of the balcony!

When most of the aunts and uncles and cousins went home, the girls
set up their beds in the big empty lounge room, painted their nails in rainbow colours 
and watched the movie of “Ramona & Beezus” with snacks and then eventually sometime in the wee hours they went to sleep… and I crashed and burned!

Granny, Aunty Clare & Uncle Mika stayed the night too as they are beloved out-of-towners and helped with the pancake & fruit breakfast in the morning.  We sent the party guests home with the crafts they’d made from the crafternoon along with some rainbow lifesavers and a gorgeous little Re-Sew-Cool flower brooch making kit from Sister Outlaws

Thanks Julianne!  We ran out of time to make the badges as a party activity, but Goose has made hers (with no help from me, it’s that user friendly!) and loves it!  Re-Sew-Cool sell gorgeous little craft party kits from recycled materials that are perfect for craft parties and all of their craft packs make great gifts for girls of any age.

For more Frog Goose and Bear Parties head to this page!

A Rainbow Crafternoon Revealed

And here it is!  The much awaited pics of Goose’s 9th Birthday party.  The gorgeous Goose spent a lovely few hours with 5 friends, her two Grandma’s and her Mum (that would be me!) at her ‘Rainbow Crafternoon’….

Goose and I had got everything prepared before the move (which occured 2 days prior, yes I am absolutely insane) and put it in a big box labelled ‘party’ making it much smoother on the day for others to pick it up and run with it.  Thanks lovely family for all of your help over that time!  It was a lovely, lovely day and I’d highly recommend it for a party theme!  Particularly for the 7-12 age group.

We had just moved into the house and most things were still in boxes which meant that we could easily customise the party space as it was a blank canvas!  The bookshelf contained everything we needed for each activity and Goose had made pen pots using old tins for a set of supplies for each child for each activity.  We purchased an apron in each colour of the rainbow from this online store which each child got to take home.

Goose had made samples of six crafts.  Here are the four crafts that we had time to do.  

Craft no. 1 No-sew cushions.

Craft no. 2 - Fabric painting on bags. 

 The bags were also purchased from the same online store as the aprons.
Craft no. 3 - Rainbow clay necklaces

Packing boxes (still unpacked of course!) 
make great make-shift snack tables for a snack while crafting.

It was a quiet and pleasant afternoon as there were only 6 girls, my mother and MIL and myself.   Then at 6pm the little siblings (who had played at their cousins house all afternoon) arrived along with siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles for a birthday dinner which I’ll tell you about in my next post!

Click here for more FGB parties and stay tuned for the rest of Goose’s rainbow birthday celebrations – including pics of that rainbow cake!

Rainbow Party Prep

As we’re moving house in the next few days and Goose’s birthday is two days later (yes, I am insane) party prep has not necessarily been my first priority, but never fear, I have a party prep protégé.  Lucky, as sometimes I have been known to regret setting the precedent of a big at-home party every year.  Particularly at this time of year.  These school holidays Goose has been a little insatiable for craft, so I’ve just gently nudged (with only the occasional bribe) her toward rainbow crafts that can then be used at the party.  
She’s made a very, very, very long tissue tassel garland (thanks to these clever tutes – thanks Brenda & Julianne)

rainbow tissue poms (who knew how easy they were!),
drawn and painted a rainbow for pin the cloud on the rainbow game,

made a sample for every craft activity for the crafternoon,

made some rainbow chocolate grissini wands and many other rainbowy bits and pieces.

These party things really are “extras, but I’m so glad that she is old enough to do them so that she doesn’t miss out completely on the extras that we love.  Thank goodness for birthday parties in the school holidays!  Without her it may have been a lot less colourful party!  So glad that Goose is making sure the fun remains!  
So, things might be a little quiet around here on the blog for a bit, as tends to be the way here when my life hots up a bit.   Now… back to those boxes… and taking big deep breaths … as those short, sharp breaths threaten to overwhelm when I think of all that needs to be done before school goes back next week … next week!!!

How involved are your kids in party prep?
How are you going as the summer holidays near an end?  
Still trying to hang on, or desperate for them to be over?

A Rainbow Crafternoon … the beginnings

When I was a young girl, ‘birthday time’ was my favourite time of year!  My two sisters and I had birthdays all within a four week period.  Never combined.  Each one a big themed event on it’s own.  We had the best games!  Mum still has the handmade hats, party bags and invitations from each one.  I remember each of us having a spiral bound notebook in which we would write down in detail the plans for our birthday.  I have followed the family tradition!   Although my mother thrived at ‘birthday time’, I am extremely grateful that my children’s birthdays are a little more spread apart throughout the year!

After realising yesterday that Goose’s birthday is a mere 3 weeks away, we whipped out the notebook and started planning!   Although it is no longer a spiral bound notebook, but a laptop!  It’s fun having an almost 9 year old who can do lots of the planning and we can organise it together.  Just like I did with my Mum.   Although it also means that I have to let go of the reins.  Something that I find a little difficult to do, particularly when it comes to parties… Goose’s main requests (although they were more like non-negotiable instructions) were for “that” rainbow cake and a sleepover!  So we decided on a quiet Rainbow ‘Crafternoon’ with 6 of her friends, followed by dinner and cake with her much loved extended family.  Her friends will then stay on for a sleepover.*  

Invitations now sent**, it is time to get our rainbow craft on for the next few weeks!  I love the theme!  The kid loves craft (bless her xo).
To see some more parties from team FGB, head over here.

Have you ever made “that” rainbow cake – help??!!

Have you ever had 7 nine year old girls for a sleepover – help????!!!!!!

* I may have bitten off more than I can chew considering we get the keys to the new house only 5 days before the party and the only way we can accommodate that many gals sleeping over is if we have it at the new house, but I figure they’ll only need sleeping room and all we’ll need for dinner is a BBQ so it won’t matter if we haven’t quite moved anything else over yet… will it?

**yes, I did notice that little typo saying that the party finishes 5 hours before it starts…. yes, they have been sent with that typo….  oops.  ;)

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