A ROCKET PARTY {the extra bits}

Here is a quick and final post on Bear’s rocket party.  See these previous posts for foodactivities & invitations.

Rocket party favours - idea from here
were filled with a mars bar, a milky way, an astronaut cheese stick (ALDI), she glow in the dark stars, a rocket balloon and some UFO lollies (strawberries & cream lollies).

We decorated the shed (mainly because we needed to hide the junk filling the shelves) with black plastic and stars, along with a few star garlands and some planets.  You might recognise the ‘planets’ from Goose’s Japanese party earlier in the year and the stars on the plastic came from our Frog’s dress-up/movie star party last November.  It pays to hang on to things sometimes!  After the kids covered the stars (purchased at Coles!) in glitter I made the star garlands by sewing them together, just like these as I really couldn’t be bothered sticking them all on individually!

I love this photo of Bear taken on the day with his new superhero outfit (handmade by a very clever friend of mine!)  To be honest I think he is squinting from the sun, but I like to think he’s saying – great party Mum, thanks!

And now, the party lives on with now empty pringle rockets and space pyjamas (thanks Granny!) and there’ll be space poker on Friday night in the shed.*

I was really excited today to receive and email letting me know that Bear’s rocket party had been featured as Party of the Day on the homepage of the blog ‘Catch my Party‘.  This blog is a great resource for DIY party ideas and a place where you can share your own parties also.

Catch My Party
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* to put the ‘poker’ comment in context you’ll need to read these posts.

A ROCKET PARTY {the food}


water bottles & ‘rocket fuel’ (punch) for drinks


popcorn cones
 (retro rocket paper purchased here & idea from here)

pringle rockets (idea from here)

 hot dogs in rolls (& my beautiful sister Lou) 
rocket fruit sticks (they are meant to look like rockets…original idea from here)
cheese sandwiches in star shapes
 individual dip cups (idea found here)

Plus our favourite party food - egg & bacon pies & sausage rolls.


After the rocket launching the sweet stuff came out!
Yoghurt coated apricot ‘planets’
Star shaped fairy bread*
 Rocket & star shaped shortbreads**
Alien spaceship cupcakes***
Chocolate coated grissini wands****, 


- Cake was originally planned to be something else completely, but after a few mishaps in the kitchen, at around midnight the night before the party it became a moon covered in edible glitter with an astronaut (candle) and some star shaped sparklers.  The birthday boy smashed open the chocolate layer at the party to reveal a cake covered in lollies underneath.  The excited & surprised look on the kids faces was so worth it!  Check this out for a fun animation of how to make a smash cake, or for detailed instructions look up every Aussie’s favourite birthday cake book.

Have you ever had a ‘mishap’ & then covered it up to create a last minute, flying by the seat of your pants, winner? 

For more details on the rocket party click here.
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* made by sister Lou who even used star shaped sprinkles – how cool!
**originally on skewers these rockets and stars fell from a high shelf, around the time the cake mishaps were occurring, and the dishwasher decided to leak over the kitchen floor very late on the night before the party…. never mind – it worked out beautifully! 
*** idea totally stolen from an old Donna Hay mag.
****made by my clever friend Josie.  So simple and the kids LOVE them!  Bear specifically requested them after enjoying them at Josie’s sons party.  I’ll be having them at every party from now on!

A ROCKET PARTY {the activities}

I’m a big fan of having activities to walk straight into at a party. No awkwardness, just straight into the fun. Sets the tone for a fun party to come. Kids can go at their own pace and only participate in activities that they want to. Having activities all set up before hand also makes it easier on the party host so that she’s not running around like a headless chook* I also don’t enjoy running group games, particularly when kids are all of varied ages and abilities and competition is involved.
This rocket themed party was for our gorgeous four year old, Bear.

A surprise hit at the party was a rocket that we made from a large refrigerator box.*** Thanks to our friend Ben (who happens to have an engineering degree) we came up with quite a convincing rocket.

So much of a hit that it was not quite the same by the end of the party…

The kids could play with space playdough, moon sand,

(some may have gone a little too far…)

blow space bubbles

or read some space themed books or have their hair spray painted with space glitter.**

We did have a game of pin the tail on the rocket, but I figure the blindfold part puts all ages on an equal footing and the game can be played in a staggered way. It’s also become a bit of a tradition of ours to have some kind of pin the …. on the …. game to fit the theme of a party.

The kids also decorated soft drink/pop bottles, that I had spray painted white, and made them into rockets…

…then after the food we went over to the park across the road and blasted them into space!

Each child had a turn at shooting their rocket into the air. So much fun!

Purchased here on ebay, they seriously went about 20 metres into the air and and I think the adults (particularly the Dad’s) had as much fun as the kids!

Come back tomorrow for more rocket party pics – the food & the decorations.

In the meantime, for more kids party ideas you might like to visit my Party Ideas Page or check out others’ DIY parties here.

Linking up this party with Bird’s party blog.

* For the benefit of my overseas readers, this is an Australian colloquial term meaning, to run around like crazy.
** Not necessarily a big hit – particularly as a majority of guests had blonde hair & it did not really show up well and most children were just not interested.
*** Obtained by heading around the back of a white goods store and asking for a large box.


Well that was certainly a longer than expected bloggy break, friends!  So much to share!
In between the usual madness at our house over the last couple of weeks…

There’s been some glittering of stars

some rocket construction
some cupcake baking
and some moon sand making
…all in anticipation of a rocket themed birthday party to celebrate a little Bear turning 4.
Come back tomorrow for the beginning of a series of ‘rocket party‘ posts.  We had SO much fun at this party and I can’t wait to share all of the details!


This week we have been preparing for an upcoming rocket themed birthday party for Bear who is turning 4.  We made some quick and simple rocket invitations and popped a magnet on the back of each rocket so that the recipients could just pop them straight onto the fridge.*  To add a bit of fun and colour we popped a handful of sequin stars in each envelope.  Hoping there’ll be no annoyed parents with sequins all over the carpet…
In more party prep, we’ve been making a batch of ‘space playdough‘, using black food dye and glitter…
… and some green alien slime.  Come back tomorrow for the recipe.  Seriously cool stuff.

Not sure yet whether these will be party favours or a party activity.  Maybe both.  I’m also keen to make our own moon sand.  I’ll let you know how I go.

Stay tuned for more rocket party prep over the next week or so, along with a number of other things I’ve been promising like more simple handmade gifts for girls and more easy peasy recipes.

If you’re after more party ideas, you might like to head over to the FGB party page.

*Cutting up old advertising magnets from the last time the plumber visited does the trick, then use double sided tape to attach.

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